Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My Favourite Covers: 1

Issue 1 of covers.

I love covers of songs, hate it when you love the lyrics of a song and the band thats doing them does it exactly how you wouldnt.

Then someone covers it, and its BRILLIANT.

Not that thats always the case, theres some songs that i love originals, all covers of.

But yeah, COVERS. Got to love them and heres the ones i love...

Bird & the Bee - How deep is your love?
[Beegees cover]

Goldfrapp - Its not over yet.
[klaxons cover]

Temperamental - Like Eating Glass
[bloc party cover]

Nina Persson (of the cardigans) & Nathan Larson (her husband who she has a band with called A Camp} - Losing my religion.
[REM cover]

Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats
[knife cover]

Bat for lashes - Use somebody
[kings of leon cover]

Santogold - Hometown glory
[adele cover]

Cat Power - Wonderwall
[oasis cover]

Placebo - Running up that hill
[kate bush cover]

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