Monday, 8 February 2010

Fleet Foxes.

These are perfect for the morning. Indie folk band, fleet foxes, are now quite popular so you would of probaly seen them on sale in hmv. Check out...

Ragged Wood, its one of my favourite tracks by them.

Tell me anything you want,
Any old lie will do
Call me back to you
Back to youuuuuu...

Sort of

like a dream.

I listened to these alot over summer, theyre dead chilled out, really dreamy with simple lyrics that send you away into your own little world. Swedish group, Air France.

This is my favourite song:

Collapsing at your doorstep
Sorta like a dream? better...
Sorta like a dream?...Isn't it?

Other songs by Air France that i like are:

No excuses

Windmill wedding


A band that captures any emotion in you and escapes into the music, rather than build up inside you.

Feel free to add any songs you like in comments.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My Favourite Covers: 1

Issue 1 of covers.

I love covers of songs, hate it when you love the lyrics of a song and the band thats doing them does it exactly how you wouldnt.

Then someone covers it, and its BRILLIANT.

Not that thats always the case, theres some songs that i love originals, all covers of.

But yeah, COVERS. Got to love them and heres the ones i love...

Bird & the Bee - How deep is your love?
[Beegees cover]

Goldfrapp - Its not over yet.
[klaxons cover]

Temperamental - Like Eating Glass
[bloc party cover]

Nina Persson (of the cardigans) & Nathan Larson (her husband who she has a band with called A Camp} - Losing my religion.
[REM cover]

Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats
[knife cover]

Bat for lashes - Use somebody
[kings of leon cover]

Santogold - Hometown glory
[adele cover]

Cat Power - Wonderwall
[oasis cover]

Placebo - Running up that hill
[kate bush cover]

About half way through...

& this remix has got me.

Heres another dubstep remix, RUF dubstep remix to be exact, fill your ears.

& ive got no time for the original of Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal when ive got this doorly remix...

Dubstep remixes...

Continuing from my last post with the florence&tm dubstep remix of rabbit heart, i got onto a channel called QUANTUM DUBSTEP (click the link to go to their youtube channel) and looking around they have some SICK remixes on there.

Some of my favourites i cant get enough of are...

Nneka - Heartbeat (chase & status remix)

Im not a massive fan of the streets, but this is sweet:

Blinded by the lights (nero remix)

Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Roksonic dubstep remix)

Empire of the sun -We are the people (sub focus remix)


Getting bored of Florence(&themachine)...?

Mix it up with this dubstep remix...!

Rabbit Heart (SLOF MAN & JOR ONE dubstep remix)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

For sad times like these.. Only this song can describe this feeling inside.

"There is no place I can go, there is no place I can hide, it feels like it keeps coming from the inside. There is a hate that burns within, the most desperate place I have ever been, try to get back to where I'm from, the closer I get the worse it becomes."