Tuesday, 30 June 2009

No longer diving into, but lying quiet next to you .

Ive gotten really into Bat For Lashes lately. I sampled a few tracks when they first come on the scene, thought they were good but never really got into that stage of listening to them and adding them to my playlists. Ive spoken to a few people about them and some think their music is samey, like their whole set just blends into each other. I personally quite like that about them... Im not sure i can put into words how i feel about them, so ill tell you how i got into them. One emotional sad night, i went to the beach to contemplate things in my head. Sitting under the stars by the sea on a boat ramp, i was skipping through my mp3s, got to Bat for Lashes & realised they completely suited my mood. Nothing else would do. Nothing else has done for a few days now. I think if you get there, you'll fully appreciate them.

I suggest: Sleep Alone.

The lyrics are beautiful.

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